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South Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy offers private and group instructions in "Authentic" Wing Chun Kung Fu, whose lineage stems from both Ip Man and Jiu Wan.  The Jiu Wan connection is through Sifu Francis Fong to Sifu Lun Syn.  The Ip Man connection is through Grandmaster Ip Ching to Sifu John Melillo.  Ip Man and Jiu Wan were pioneers in their day that turned out many great fighters and instructors.

The Academy is here for our students. We want all of the students to train in every class. Limiting the class time, as far as we are concerned, is nothing more than stretching the material over time.

There are no contracts. The students we have are students that want to be here. We don't want you to come in because a piece of paper is threatening your credit history. We only want serious students, because that is what builds a good strong school.

Monday through Thursday and Sunday classes consist of thirty minutes of Kung Fu exercises to strengthen your body and cardio system. The next two hours are spent on the training of the Wing Chun system. The system is broken down into eight levels. This is not a belt system where you have to pay for each test to get into the next level. Once you get it, you move on.

Sunday is an open class where the students get to train in whatever they want within their level.

South Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy is here to help you to improve your reactionary motor skills, to strengthen your mind and body and to teach you how to relax the mind and to use only the muscles necessary for that skill by using the amazing system of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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