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The Magnificent Heroic Style
Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, and like most arts from that region of the world, is very healthy for the mind and body. Wing Chun is perfect for anyone who is considering martial arts training because the movements are simple and do not require the practitioner to become a gymnast in order to perform the techniques. The movements are fluid and flexible with an emphasis placed on the development of "soft", relaxed power and using the opponents force against them. Kicks are directed mainly below the waist, and hand techniques are fast and furious. The close range fighting ability is developed by a unique exercise called "Chi-Sao" or "Sticky Hands". Chi-Sao training teaches the student to use the sense of touch and feeling to deal with an opponent's force without fighting. The student becomes a fighter by gaining experience through sparring. Wing Chun is a system that creates the attributes of a fighter by changing the mind and body. The Wing Chun attributes are developed through Chi-Sao, forms and technique training. This allows the student to quickly respond and develop a "style" or "system" of fighting that is unique to his or her personality and body type. It takes time and training to learn to relax as well as focus your mind. The close range combat principles are considered one of the most effective self defense systems ever developed!

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